Architecture Student Bundle
Architecture Student Bundle
Architecture Student Bundle
Architecture Student Bundle
Architecture Student Bundle
Architecture Student Bundle
Architecture Student Bundle

Architecture Student Bundle


What's included?

This bundle includes:

6 Architecture Design guides

Architecture Site Analysis Complete Pack

Architecture Concepts Bundle

Architecture Presentation Board Templates

5 Easy Steps to Better Detailing

Ultimate Architecture Student Bundle

Our Ultimate Architecture Student Bundle is the perfect bundle for architecture students.

If you are an aspiring architecture student looking to take your design skills to soaring new heights, your search ends here! Introducing our exclusive Ultimate Architecture Student Bundle, specifically crafted to empower you throughout your academic journey and beyond.

At First In Architecture, we understand that it can be quite difficult to get all the relevant information and resources you need regarding the architectural design process as an architecture student.

This is why we have put together this comprehensive pack that has key information on some of the main topics you will come across when going through your architecture studies. From design guides to site analysis tools to presentation board templates, you'll have all the knowledge and resources to succeed in architecture school.

We have curated this pack to include incredible resources from our well-loved and best-selling content all in one place, including our most popular design guides and digital downloads. This is the information we wish we had when we were studying architecture!

What's included?

6 Architecture Design Guides that will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of architectural design, from understanding assignment briefs to creating architectural models.

Architecture Site Analysis Complete Pack that has everything you need to analyse a site, conduct a successful site visit, and get all the necessary site information.

Architecture Concepts Bundle that will help you learn all you need to know about architectural concepts from how to generate ideas to developing them.

Architecture Presentation Board Templates that will help you create professional-looking presentation boards for your architectural projects.

5 Easy Steps To Better Detailing Guide that will teach you how to kickstart your architectural detailing journey.

The Ultimate Architecture Student Starter Pack is the perfect way to get a head start in your architecture studies. Purchase this today and start learning the essential skills and knowledge you need to succeed!

Architecture Concepts Guide

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut, unable to come up with new and innovative ideas? Are you having trouble developing your architectural concepts?

We are aware that having good concepts and developing them properly is crucial to help you bring your architectural visions to life.

So, look no further! Our ‘Architecture Concepts Bundle’ is here to help you with your concept development process step by step.

Our ‘Architecture Concepts Bundle’ includes:

Architecture Concepts Guide [pdf]

Architecture Concepts Generator [pdf]

Spatial Explorations [dwg, psd, ai, pdf]

Concept Diagrams [ai, psd, pdf]

Along with our guide we have added in a concepts generator and spatial explorations that will help you produce fresh new ideas whenever you feel stuck. In addition to this we have also included some example concept diagrams to help you visualise your examples.

This awesome bundle will help you break free from creative blocks and level up your concept development process!

Architectural Site Analysis Pack

Have you struggled with analysing your site and not knowing what to look for when conducting a site visit? If so, then you are not alone.

We understand that site analysis can be a daunting task, especially when you are not sure where to start or how to find the information you need.

But fear not! Our ‘Architecture Site Analysis Complete Pack’ is specially designed for architecture students like you. It is the perfect resource that will help you learn how to conduct a successful site analysis.

Our ‘Architecture Site Analysis Complete Pack’ includes:

PDF Architecture Site Analysis Guide

Printable Architecture Site Analysis Checklist

Contextual Site Surveys Guide

Site Analysis Symbols Set 1

Site Analysis Symbols Set 2

Site Material Analysis Template

Pack of Material Textures

With the help of guides, a checklist, and some useful site analysis assets, we go through everything you need to know, from finding information about a site to conducting a site visit to documenting your findings.

No more feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to gathering critical information about a site. With our complete pack, you'll gain the confidence and expertise to conduct thorough site analyses that will impress your professors and take your architectural designs to new heights.

Architecture Presentation Board Templates

Do you find it hard to create captivating presentation boards that truly showcase your designs?

We know how important it is to effectively communicate your design. We are also aware of how time consuming it can be to produce presentation board layouts from scratch.

Well, we have got your back! Our ‘Architecture Presentation Board Templates Bundle’ will transform your presentations and elevate your architectural representation and communication skills.

Our ‘Architecture Presentation Board Bundle’ includes:

14 Architecture Presentation Board Templates in Photoshop (.psd version 2023)

14 Architecture Presentation Board Templates in InDesign (.indd version 2023)

Font suggestions and combinations for presentation boards

16 Textured backgrounds in .png and .tiff format

Instructions and tutorials on how to use the templates

Along with the templates that come in both landscape and portrait orientations, we have added in some font suggestions and textured backgrounds for you to experiment with. You can use these to come up with your own unique presentation board styles.

This bundle will save you time and help you create presentation boards that will amaze your audience and make your designs stand out!

5 Easy Steps to Better Detailing Guide

Looking to enhance your architectural detailing skills?

Detailing plays a crucial role in architectural design, bringing life, depth, and functionality to your projects. We know that it can seem to be a bit of an overwhelming process to get started with. But don't fret! We have just the solution for you.

Our ‘5 Easy Steps To Better Detailing Guide’ is a great introduction to detailing for architecture students! It will take you through the different stages of learning about detailing.

This guide looks at why detailing is important and what the main principles of detailing are. We explore the 5 key steps to improve your detailing and look at exercises you can do to improve your understanding. In addition to this we have also shared our favourite resources for detailing, from websites to books and manuals and more.

It is perfect for anyone new to detailing, or for those looking to improve their skills. With it you will be able to familiarise with the seemingly intimidating detailing process and break it down into actionable steps.

The Design Guides

Architecture Assignment Brief

In our ‘Architecture Assignment Brief Guide’, we take you through all the important information you need to know in order to efficiently dissect your brief and come up with a step by step plan to successfully complete your architecture assignments.

We have also included a helpful planner that follows the layout of a Gantt chart to help you track your progress. It lets you break your assignments down into more manageable tasks on the left and comes with a time scale that runs across the top.

Architecture Precedent Study and Analysis Guide

Our ‘Architecture Precedent Study and Analysis Guide’ will equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to excel in this crucial aspect of architectural education.  

Precedent study is an essential skill for any architecture student. And we get that it can be hard to know what to analyse about a precedent and then further depict how it relates to your design.

You will learn everything you need to know about precedent studies, from the basics of what a precedent is to how to apply your analysis.

Architecture Terms

Our ‘Architectural Jargon Guide’ has 50 architectural terms that you are likely to come across at one point or another in your architectural journey. Each term comes with easy-to-understand explanations to save you time that would otherwise be spent searching for their meanings.

As it is a beginner friendly guide it has a great mix of terms from architectural features to concepts, structural components, and materials to help you develop a well-rounded understanding of the architectural language. It will provide you with the right terminology to communicate your ideas and concepts clearly and professionally.

Architecture Drawing Projections Guide

We have specifically tailored our ‘Architecture Drawing Projections Guide’ to help demystify drawing projections and empower you to create stunning architectural visualisations with confidence.

In it we go through the various categories and types of drawing projections with the help of some illustrations. We also let you know which ones are commonly used for architectural visualisations.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to amazing, well-informed visualisations with our guide on architecture drawing projections.

Architecture Model Making Guide

A well-crafted model can bring your designs to life, enabling you to communicate your vision effectively and impress both clients and professors alike. However, we know that getting started with model making can be challenging, especially if you lack guidance and experience.

That's where our ‘Architectural Model Making -The Guide’ comes in. We specifically intended it to help those who are new to model making or struggling to find their footing. It's your ultimate companion on the journey to mastering your model making skills.

It is super easy to follow and will teach you all about the model making process. From the uses of different architectural models to the essential materials and tools needed for model making, our guide has it all.

How to Write An Architecture Dissertation Guide

Writing a dissertation can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right guidance, you can write a dissertation that is both informative and engaging.

Our guide ‘How to Write an Architecture Dissertation 101’ is packed with everything you need to know to write a successful dissertation. We cover everything from finding a topic to researching and citing your sources.

It is written in an easy-to-understand style and is packed with practical advice. In it, we'll walk you through the entire process of writing an architecture dissertation, from finding a topic to researching and writing your final document.

Whether you're a first-year student or you're nearing the end of your degree, our guide will help you write a dissertation that you're proud of.

How this bundle will help you

Fully understand key stages that make up the Architectural Design Process

Follow each step of these key stages to make sure you don’t miss anything

Get inspiration from the various illustrative examples included

All the relevant information and resources you need at your fingertips with the help of our comprehensive guides

Save time using all the ready to use templates and digital assets

Experiment and develop your own style and design process

Have confidence in your architecture design projects

What do I get?

Architecture Concepts Bundle includes:

6 Architecture Design guides

Architecture Site Analysis Complete Pack

Architecture Concepts Bundle

Architecture Presentation Board Templates

5 Easy Steps to Better Detailing

How do I get it?

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